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Ewa's first Christmas album "In Night's Still Silence" is NOW RELEASED! The CD contains 12 of the most beautiful traditional Polish Christmas Carols with most of them sang in English for the first time. It is available on CD Baby at www.cdbaby.com/ewaangeli,
at Amazon, and on iTunes.

Grammy® Award Winner & 3-time nominee Darlene Koldenhoven says of Ewa, “Your voice is full of remarkable versatility; God has blessed you with an amazing voice.” (Koldenhoven is a vocal coach for stars; her credits include works with Barbra Streisand, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Yanni, and many others.)

“It isn’t often that we find a stand-out on the pop music scene. Ewa Angeli is not part of the interchangeable music of a crowded field. Her skillful blending of fine vocals with dance beats, guided by French producer/arranger Fred Bensi, reflects influences as diverse
as nu-jazz, smooth jazz, upbeat jazz, and adult contempo-rary pop. Europe is producing some fine young artists who write and perform in English, and Ewa, from Poland, is about to be in the forefront of them.”
- Larry Wines, host of radio’s “Tied to the Tracks.”

“Ewa is an extraordinary vocal talent, her voice is true and pure.” - Rosemary Butler, vocal coach and singer (Bonnie Raitt, Whitney
Houston, Eagles, Bob Dylan, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart).

“Ewa Angeli is a transcendent artist who happily rejects the paradigm that today’s pop music is all derivative, soundalike, and disposable. This is groove-driven pop, but right away, it’s apparent that Ewa truly deserves the title of ‘artist.’ She defies and transcends a number of genres, while broadening the sensibilities of many who think they only like one thing. There is depth and imagination and musicianship here, with broad appeal.” - Acoustic Americana Music Guide.

Ewa takes you to her “Magical
Music World,” filled with original
songs “written by people who
believe in dreams and destiny.”


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